On the second weekend of every month, we run an event dubbed the Anniversary Event.  It’s our way of celebrating our move from PDS (Player-dedicated servers) to the promised land of rented servers.  During this event, we activate a color event, double our standard Taming and Harvesting rates (except for Element related nodes), add an 0.75 increase in the XP Multiplier (to a maximum of 4x XP gain) for each participation milestone completed, and upon full milestone completion a top tier, prefabricated item set (non-tek armor, saddles, weapons, and tools) is added to red cave loot crates.


The event will last from Friday at 1200 central time to Monday at 1200 central time.  Time will be added based on the community’s completion of goal milestones.  There are four milestones per month, and each completed milestone will add one day to the subsequent event for a maximum of 7 days.


Each milestone will consist of a specific number of participants in community events (listed on the progress tracker at the bottom of this page).  Every time a member of the community participates in a community event, they are counted and we get closer to completing the milestones.  Additionally, an overall donation milestone will add an additional 7 days to the next Anniversary Event following full completion of the donation milestone.


200 Participants 0%
150 Participants 0%
100 Participants 0%
50 Participants 0%
  • The duration of the event is extended by 1 day for each milestone completed.
  • The XP Multiplier during the event is increased by 0.75 for each milestone completed.
  • On full completion, a special prefabricated item set is added to red cave loot crates.

Donation Milestone

$300 donated
  • The duration of the next following event is increased by 7 days following full completion.