On the second weekend of every month, we run a rate event dubbed the Anniversary Event.  It’s our way of celebrating our move from PDS (Player-dedicated servers) to the promised land of rented servers.  During this event, the cluster rates are doubles across the board, apart from element harvesting rates.  The duration of the event is contingent upon the community’s completion of specific milestones, which are announced at the start of each Anniversary Event.


The event will last from Friday at 1200 central time to Monday at 1200 central time.  Time will be added based on the community’s completion of goal milestones.  There are four milestones per month, and each completed milestone will add one day to the subsequent event for a maximum of 7 days.


Milestones will change and be announced monthly.  One month we may have an event participation goal, the next month we may collect certain dinos or resources.  Milestone progress can be seen at the bottom of this page.


Milestone 1 90%
Milestone 2 80%
Milestone 3 70%
Milestone 4 60%