15 June 2020

Cluster Wide Engrams Removed all standard engram prerequisites Enabled Teleporter unlock at spawn Stack Sizes Ambergris=>5 Aggrevaric Mushroom=>1000 Aquatic Mushroom=>1000 Ascerbic Mushroom=>1000 Auric Mushroom=>1000 Blood Pack=>25 Bloodstalker Egg=250 Bola=>50 C4 Charge=>50 Canteen=50 Chain Bola=>50 Clay=>1000 Cluster Grenade=>50 Cruise Missile=>50 Empty Cryopods=>25 failed testing Tek Gigantosaurus Egg=>250 Grenade=>250 Glowstick=>250 Improvised Explosive Device=>50 Lasso=>50 Lesser Antidote=>5 Magmasaur Egg=250…


Cluster Wide Implemented soap/element conversion 1 soap= 1 element= 1 soap Increased Crafting XP from 0.25 to 1.0 Configured Bosses to drop element Configured Replicator to require element Coded autounlocks

22 March 2020

PvE Cluster Wide Deactivated Use Optimized Harvest Rates: will increase harvest amounts will increase node hit latency. Set Tek Teleporter to unlock automatically at level 0   PvP Cluster Wide Increase ORP time to 30 minutes Deactivated Use Optimized Harvest Rates: will increase harvest amounts will increase per node hit latency. Disabled Structure Decay   Servers Added Added Aberattion…

18 January 2020

Tribute Stack Sizes Tribute stack sizes have been modified to correlate with the number required for store purchases.  Now, each stack will represent one purchase of the given creature. Fixed Missing Admin Passwords Restored admin password cluster-wide Island Fixed missing loot for Broodmother and Big Monkey Aberration Fixed Alpha Crabs not dropping claws.

15 January 2020

Ragnarok The difficulty of certain cave creatures and the Ice Queen has been increased due to the inclusion of custom loot tables.  The details can be viewed in the screenshot below:   Aberration Added crab saddles to Alphas, Drakes, and Spinos. Removed loot drops from Reaper Queens.   Alpha Carno Adjusted loot drop contents so…