Griefing is considered to be an intentional act that results in another player suffering a loss of resources, structures, dinos, equipment; or, where the player is killed.


  1. You are not permitted to intentionally drag any aggressive dino to a structure or dino belonging to someone else
  2. You are not permitted to fill any structure or build area belonging to another player with dinos of any temperament
  3. You are not permitted to drown unconscious players
  4. You are not permitted to pick up players not in your own tribe without permission from the player

Prejudicial Conduct and Harassment


Prejudicial Conduct is defined as, any conduct that seeks, directly or indirectly, to denigrate an individual or group based on their skin pigmentation, sex, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or any other arbitrary characteristic.

Harassment is defined as any repeated conduct which seeks to annoy or intimidate any player.


Servers and Social Spaces

Conduct that fits the above definition is not permitted on any server, or in any of the social spaces, falling under the Ark FTW banner, including; Game Chat, Discord, Facebook, or the Xbox Club.


Player Names, Tames, and Tribe Names

Neither your player, tame, or tribe names are permitted to consist of any element that may be considered racist, sexist, or otherwise expresses prejudicial sentiment towards any individual or group based on the arbitrary characteristics of that individual or group.


External Mediums

The use of any external medium to engage in such conduct directed towards any individual actively engaged on our servers or in our social spaces is not permitted. These spaces are meant to be a respite from the dumpster fires currently raging around all of us, and we will not allow you to engulf these spaces in those same flames. We don’t care how much melanin your skin has, which God you pray to, who you love, or what your politics are. In these spaces, we are all about dinosaurs and ensuring that everyone who has trusted us with their play-time is able to enjoy themselves.



Theft is considered to be the intentional taking of any resource, dino, equipment, or consumable not owned by the player who took the item(s).  This includes fertilized or unfertilized eggs and gacha crystals.


  1. You are not permitted to take any item or dino that does not belong to you without permission from the owner
  2. You are not permitted to exploit any mechanic or glitch in order to gain access to a structure belonging to any player
  3. You are not permitted to take any loot earned from any boss fight you did not gather the resources to initiate

Base Sizes


Your base may not be larger than you are capable of rendering.  You should be able to see every structure comprising your main base from ground level at the center-most point of your footprint.

Dead Spots

While we understand that people like to build, and build big, we must temper that understanding with the limitations of playing on a console.  If your base is large enough, it can cause other players to crash or may cause some rather severe performance issues for those near your base.  If your base causes a significant amount of lag or causes players flying over or around it to crash, you will be required to scale your base back.  If a base becomes too large it can impact overall server performance, and that is not something we will permit.


Each tribe is permitted to have one outpost specifically for the purpose of resource collection.  This outpost may be no larger than 6 foundation pieces by 6 foundations pieces in total area, and no higher than 7 walls high.

Land and Water Routes

You may not obstruct land or water routes where there is no alternative way around in the immediate area.  An example would be the large stone bridge on Ragnarok.  If you plan to build in such an area, you must leave a means for players to travel through space you have obstructed; such as, by unlocking gates.


All traps and spike walls not within or connected to your base footprint must be cleared after use.  Structure pickup is always enabled on this cluster, so there is no valid excuse for leaving a trap or spike walls after they have been used.  Admins will destroy any trap or spike wall they encounter without prior warning, and will not replace any of the resources lost.

Water Pens

Land Pens

You may build a water pen for the purposes of storing and breeding water dinos.  This pen is not required to be built inside of your base foot print, but may not be built within render of another base structure.  Water pens may be no larger than 3 behemoth gates by 3 behemoth gates in total area.


Underwater Pens

You may build a water pen under the oceans so long as the pen meets the following build requirements:

  1. Does not block any dino, loot, or resource spawn
  2. Does not block any cave entrance or water route
  3. Is not greater in size that 6Wx6Dx6H vacuum compartments
  4. The top and botton are not more than 1 vacuum compartment high
  5. The build must contain at least one behemoth gate to allow the center of the pen to be filled with water

You may build within either the top or bottom layer anything you need to store and breed your dinos: teleporter, troughs, fridges, and so on.  These pens are intended and to be used to house water dinos, not as outposts or secondary bases under water.

Below you will find pictures illustrating how underwater pens should be built.  We have imposed these restrictions to ensure that massive structures do not clog the waterways, and to ensure that all players who would benefit from these pens have the space necessary to build one.

If you require a larger space underwater for storing/breeding your water dinos, you will need to relocate your entire base underwater or use a land pen.

If we find that you are using these pens as secondary base/outpost locations or have violated any of the above restrictions, we will destroy the pen without any forewarning. 


Distance To Other Players

You may not build within 30 foundations of another player.  Players found to be within this distance to another player will be required to modify their bases or move entirely, depending on the circumstances.

To measure the distance you must remain from another player, do the following:

  1. Activate a foundation piece against the player’s structure closest to where you wish to build
  2. Walk backward in the direction you intend to build until the foundation silhouette is green.
  3. Place the foundation piece at the boundary
  4. Snap 20 foundations to the foundation at the boundary

The 20th foundation is the closest you will be permitted to build to the other player.


You are not permitted to use any type of structure spam to block access to, or to prevent other players from building in an area, without clear intentions to build in that area.  If it is noted that construction has not begun within 7 days the admins will destroy the structure spam.

Abandoned Structures

Any structure that has been allowed to decay for 15 days will be destroyed without prior warning.  Admins will use commands that destroy all structures belonging to the player/tribe subject to this rule.  Admins will not replace any losses as a result of structure abandonment.

Duplicate Servers

In the event that duplicate servers are established to deal with overflow, you will not be permitted to establish bases and/or outposts on both servers.

Oil Nodes and Gas Veins

Oil nodes and gas veins are considered to be community resources.  You are not permitted to block access to these resources, particularly oil nodes.  If you place an oil pump or gas collector on one of these nodes it must remain unlocked.  If the admins become aware of locked pumps or collectors, we will claim and unlock them.

The admins will routinely place pumps and collectors down on nodes so that the community does not have to expend their own resources.

Rich Resource Clusters

You may not build on top of or otherwise block access to areas containing large quantities of resources.  If the admins are made aware that you are blocking large quantities of resources, you will be required to relocate.

Use the following link to determine if you are planning to build in a resource-rich area: Ark Resource Maps


You are free to merge tribes as you so choose, however, the newly merged tribe may only have one base, one outpost, and one water pen.  You will be required to consolidate all tribe structures.  If we find that structures are allowed to remain for more than 7 days following a merger, we will destroy the structures violating this rule without prior warning.  Admins will not replace any loses resulting from the violation of this rule.



Insiding is considered to be an instance where one or more tribe members take or destroy tribe assets in a malicious manner.


  1. When exiting a tribe you are only permitted to take what belongs to you, all other tribe assets belong to the tribe you are exiting
    1. if there are only two members of a tribe, or the number of members leaving would effectively dissolve the tribe, follow the process outlined in Dissolutions.
  2. You may not destroy structures, kill dinos, or in any way cause any damage to a tribe you are exiting.


If, at any time, a tribe chooses to dissolve the individual members will take only what belongs to them.  Resources are to be divided equally among tribe members according to the number of members in the tribe, or as otherwise agreed upon.  You may not keep items or dinos that belong to a member of your tribe that wishes to leave.

In the event that admins have to become involved, we will split all tribe assets according to the listed owner, or by dividing all assets according to the number of members in the tribe.  Tribe structures will be awarded to the listed owner, or will be destroyed following the successful dissolution if the entire tribe is to be dissolved.


If the admins become aware of any abandoned or wandering dinos, we will do the following:

  • Broadcast once to the server
  • Announce once in Discord

If we do not receive a response within 10 minutes, the abandoned or wandering dinos will be sent to the impound lot.


You are not permitted to park your dino on any obelisk, in any cave, at any community structure, or at a base that isn’t yours.  If admins become aware that you have left a dino at any of the above locations, we will send that dino immediately to the impound lot.