I want to donate to the cluster, how do I do that?

You have three options for donating to the cluster

  • Nitrado, which allows you to add runtime to a specific server directly
  • Paypal, which allows you to make a one-time donation or you can subscribe monthly (this can be cancelled at any time).
  • Patreon, which allows you to subcribed to a specific reward tier for which you will be charged monthly (this can be cancelled at any time).

Click the links above to visit the “How To” pages for each donation option, or select one of the options from the drop-down menu below “Donations” in the main navbar.

What Rewards do I get for becoming a donor?

This is neither a pay-to-win nor pay-to-play cluster, so the rewards we offer won’t ever impact gameplay in any meaningful way.  The rewards we offer our donors are listed below, but we are always looking for ways to give more back to the folks that help support the community.

Skins and Recolors

  • S Boost/Donation: 1 skin and 1 dino recolor
  • M Boost/Donation: 2 skin and 2 dino recolor
  • L Boost/Donation: 3 skins and 3 dino recolors
  • XL Boost/Donation: 5 skins and 5 dino recolors

Colored dinos will be spayed/neutered

Oil and Water Nodes

  • $15 in total donations comes with 1 water node spawned at one of your bases
  • $20 in total donations comes with 1 oil node spawned at one of your bases

Donors are limited to one of each, at a single base location.  Due to the fact that water and oil nodes cannot be destroyed, and we don’t want servers becoming giant oil and water nodes, we won’t spawn in a new node if you move base locations on the same map.  Most people don’t move continuously on the same map, and you’ll be absolutely sure you love your base location before requesting your nodes, right?  If you relocate, completely, to a different server or we are forced to migrate we will spawn in a new node for you.  

I donated through Nitrado, but haven't received my rewards, what gives?

There are two possibilities here:

  1. Soldiercide or Gamer haven’t seen your ticket
  2. You never created a ticket informing anyone you donated

In the former case, be patient and they will get to the ticket as soon as they are able.  Trust us, the admins have made them aware of the ticket.  In the latter case, you need to submit a ticket since Nitrado doesn’t inform anyone you’ve made a donation, so they have to check the boost history manually.

I just donated money through Paypal, but haven't gotten my stuf!

Like with Nitrado, there are only two reasons why this has occurred:

  1. Sodliercide is currently buried in a textbook and simply hasn’t seen your ticket.
  2. You never submitted a ticket letting anyone know you donated through Paypal

The process is not automated, so Soldiercide has to verify the donation and then manually add your rewards and role, which would explain why you never recieved either of those things if you never submitted a ticket.  If you have submitted a ticket, Soldiercide will get those things to you as quickly as he is able.

I just signed up through Patreon and haven't gotten my rewards or role, why not?

Donors who use Patreon are charged between the 1st or 2nd of each month.  Until those charges clear, niether the rewards nor the role is assigned.  Rest assure that once your donation comes through, your rewards and role will be doled out.

I have an idea for a special server I'd like to fund for the cluster, will you do that?

We will administrate most any server idea you might have, but we need to be clear on a few things:

First, unless the community desires the server to become a permanent fixture on the cluster, we will not use donor funds to keep it up.  If you don’t provide funding for the server, it will more than likely shut down.

Second, we will not run creative mode, insta-everything, base-in-a-box servers.  If that’s you thing, there are plenty of those clusters going up and burning out in the server browser.  The rates for any server you want us to run must be at are below the current cluster rates.

Third, if you ask us to run a PvP server, it is going to be pure, unadulterated PvP.  We’ve tried a variety of methods for running PvP servers, and some group always requires a case of Destine and then the server collapses.  ORP will remain on, exploits will result in anhilation, obelisks will remain free of garbage, but that’s the extent of the rules we’ll impose.

I have my own server/cluster, can I cluster it in with yours?

We won’t add any servers to the cluster that we are not in direct control of.  If our relationship with you deteriorates, or you decide it’s a bright idea to snort a line of crystal meth one night, the community will suffer losses and we’re just not going to put these fine folks through that.