I’ve played Ark on and off since it’s release. My friends and I have hosted several servers, and clusters, and such. But it was usually just us, and the occasional random tribe who might have wandered in. We’ve played Official servers, but those try hards are try hards… and I don’t have enough free time to deal with all that. But, we’ve bounced around here and there, and if Ark ever got stale, we always came back when a new map/expansion came out. We all have our roles, and we all do the same thing each time, I’m usually the farmer, and such, since I don’t like doing dangerous stuff, like underwater nonsense, or taming big carnos. But regardless. We came to this server, and I dunno what prompted our server finder guy to find this one, but everything from the organization, to the helpfulness within the community is amazing. I like that the admin team gets to enjoy the game, while helping out people when they have issues. I like that we have server/cluster owners who seem to actually know what’s going on and are very determined to make sure the community is thriving, throughout all of WildCard’s issues. I am glad that I can troll in certain places, and not be banned for it. (harmless trolling nothing serious). I enjoy reading the discord all day long, and conversing with people within the community. I like the trade discord as well. I also enjoyed the teamwork of the community when it came to running the Tek Alpha Cave (which I had never seen or done, as well as Rockwell [I miss FNF].The only thing that would make Ark better, would be if they brought back the Survival of the Fittest Game Mode… But overall, in short. I do love this Ark community, and I can’t imagine playing anywhere else. Thank you to everyone who donates, or puts the time in to make sure this cluster stays strong amidst the silliness of WildCard. It’s amazing to have a cluster that I enjoy playing Ark in, and don’t have to worry about nonsense. Keep up the good work everyone!