I only play small bits of ark when it was on steam but knew this would be a game for my brothers and me to play. I wanted to start on pvp in which I did but having to prep all they time for a raid left me not want to explore the maps. So I was looking for a server that wasn’t overly boasted and had a friendly community of players after a few days of searching I came across a server called Ftw. Which made since because that’s how I was telling looking for a server. Signed in and the first person I met was @GNCARLO_ and he helped me get started honestly if it wasn’t him being kind to a stranger I may have not been here but I stuck around took me a few months to figure out the whole game and I didn’t even know you could transfer between the servers for the first few months tbh lol I thought you had to start new characters for each of the maps so I stayed at the center mostly for my noob faze (call it what you will we all been there) but the people and the since of adventure with you only gain what you strive to achieve has always wanted me to play on this cluster so for that being said thank you guys for putting up with me and I would like to see all you in the years to come! Viva la FTW!!