Ever since I joined this server everyone has always been super helpful. Admins are always punctual on responding to issues that arise and if its a non admin related issue to solve, the community always tries to support the next person. Tonight I about lost my Christmas Wyvern and bag, and another tribe @Gandromil came to my assistance and I was able to successfully recover everything I thought was lost. That’s just one example of the multiple times I personally needed help. The community is awesome and informative, most all get along, and the gameplay is so much more enjoyable because of that. April has been the most common admin I’ve had to reach out to and she was always helpful when solving issues and/or base security after the wipe amongst other things ark related. Soldier is decisive and forthcoming about changes, servers being taken offline, etc. regardless of his personal obligations and there’s no worry that one day you go to login and the server is no longer. Coming from someone that had so many other servers that just vanish overnight (as most of us have experienced) it truly means alot and in turn has became a server you can trust and rest assured that you wouldn’t have lost an indefinite amount of time put into gameplay and thats so valuable. Thank you everyone for the hospitality, assistance, and the healthy environment we experience on this cluster