Participants will compete in a free-for-all dash to retrieve and store eggs, all while dodging a horde of Pegos and Ichthyornis.  Eggs will be dropped from the roof of the arena, and you will need to collect and store those eggs in the colored vault matching your armor.

Time Limit

The event will have a 30-minute time limit.


Participants will be provided with various armor sets and dye. You may choose any combination of armor, but must dye each region to match the color of your vault.


Participants may not have any items in their inventory or hotbar, aside from what is provided to them.


Everyone who participates has the opportunity to win. Prizes are awarded according to a tier system.


  1. 10 Eggs: 1000 ingots
  2. 20 Eggs: 1000 crystal+1
  3. 30 Eggs: 1000 obsidian+1-2
  4. 40 Eggs: 1000 Green Gems+1-3
  5. 50 Eggs: 1000 Blue gems+1-4
  6. 60 Eggs: 1000 Red Gems+1-5