Last Straw Standing is a building event where you will build a straw structure, the admins will release said Trogdor, and time how long it takes for said Trogdor to flatten your structure.

  • Participants are given Creative Mode abilities to aid in crafting
  • Participants will have five minutes to build straw structures
  • Trogdor will be released when the time has expired
    • time to destroy is recorded
  • Drop-in participation is not permitted

Time Limit

Each participant will have 5 minutes to build their structure.


No equipment is required or provided.


  • Participants must build a complete structure
    • foundation, roof, and walls
  • Structure pieces must be logical and connected to one and other
  • No unconnected obstructions to slow Trogdor


Whoever builds the structure that survives the longest, wins.


Max level dino

  • can be imprinted to the winner
  • can be recolored


1 Token